Hand Surgery

Cosmetic treatment for hands

The hand is a very visible part and people are often conscious of the signs of aging in the hand. Particular concerns are bony-looking hands due to loss of some of the fat beneath the skin that occurs with age, prominent veins and brown aging spots ('liver spots'). As a plastic surgeon with wide experience of cosmetic surgery, I am able to offer treatments to improve the appearance of the hands. The techniques available include creams to improve pigment irregularity, chemical peels to improve the overall appearance of the skin on the back of the hand and 'fillers', injections to make the hand appear less bony. Surgical treatments include fat transfer; in this treatment a small amount of fat is taken from another part of the body (usually the abdomen) and injected on the back of the hand to achieve a less bony appearance, to make veins less prominent and to cover obvious veins.

Cosmetic treatment for hands before and after