Hand Surgery


My approach to hand problems and injuries

As a surgeon dealing with a very delicate part of the body, I am very aware that surgery is not always the best solution for a hand problem or injury.

Many hand injuries do not require surgery and often will achieve a better outcome with conservative (non-operative) treatment. I work with excellent hand therapists who are expert in splintage, exercise and stretching programmes, ultrasound treatment and other non-invasive techniques. I have a great deal of experience with minimally invasive office treatments such as steroid injections and small local anaesthetic procedures for example for the treatment of ganglions or Dupuytren's contracures.

When surgery is necessary, I will choose the safest and most reliable surgical technique and use the least invasive operation that is appropriate. I have developed a minimal access technique for fixation using screws for finger fractures; this uses a single 1cm incision. I also use a minimal access (small incision) technique for repair of the ulnar collateral ligament of the thumb (skiers thumb).

My patients make speedy recovery from surgery because it is kept to a minimum and also because they receive excellent hand therapy afterwards.

I pay great attention to detail and pride myself on meticulous surgical technique. As a fully trained plastic surgeon I am very conscious of getting the best cosmetic result and scar possible.

Minor hand surgery procedures can usually be performed under local anaesthetic; I administer this very gently and with minimal discomfort.

If you have a hand problem or injury and are considering private treatment, I welcome any enquiries or questions you have and I can be contacted directly by email, or via my PA, Stephen on 07854 946544.